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Rechargeable Silicone Sonic Toothbrush

$ 69.95 USD $ 99.95 USD
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Product Function: 

More efficient to remove plaque, reduce gingivitis and bleeding gums by rapidly rotating, so that the brush head can produce a high-frequency vibration the moment toothpaste is decomposed into small bubbles, to clean your teeth thoroughly. Bristles fibrillation can promote oral blood circulation, also great for your gingiva health.

11 Product Features: 

- Well-chosen and Food-safe grade silicone brush head approved by FDA.
- Soft and comfortable protection to take care of your gingival and teeth health.
- High anti-bacteria ability to reduce breeding of buccal bacteria.
- 5 shift strength adjustments to adapt to diversified teeth sensitivity.
- High-frequency vibration 15000r/s + silica gel friction.
- Strong battery power for long durability, easy to replace brush head.
- Sound wave combination technology
- Can be bend to 360 degrees
- Smart reminder
- Adjustable pulse strength
- Rating of IPX7 makes it super waterproof


Package contents:

1 Electric toothbrush + 1 USB charger

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