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Laser IPL Hair Removal Device

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IPL Depilator's Principle

The principle of photonics hair removal is to use the selective photo-pyrolysis of the patented strong pulsed light source to irradiate the normal epidermis without damage, penetrate the skin directly to the root of the hair follicle, and the melanin in the hair dry and hair follicle is absorbed and converted into heat energy, thus increasing the temperature of the hair follicle. When the temperature rises high enough, the follicle structure is irreversibly damaged, and the damaged hair and follicles are removed through a natural physiological process without damage to the surrounding tissue, resulting in painless hair removal.

Hair Management Process

★ In test before use It is strongly advised to check for adverse reaction by conducting a skin test 2 hours in advance of any hair removal procedure. ● Text method: On a small area of skin on the inside of the upper arm(the medial). From a low energy to high energy apply 1-2 times at the same place. After 2 hours if you feel redness, burns, stabbing pain or other symptoms consult a doctor before using again. On slight discomfort, use the product again on a lower intensity setting, however if discomfort continues, consult a doctor before further use.


Operating Steps

★ Clean the flash window, then shave the hair on your body and clean the residual hair. 
★ Start the device, choose the best suitable intensity level to hair removal. 
★ After finish hair removal, you should cool the skin using Ice water or a cold damp towel. 
★ You can use a toner to help your skin retain moisture after hair removal. 
★ Suggestions about intensity level operations for all types of skin and different parts of the body, please refer to the below comparison table. 
★ It is strongly suggested you do not sure multiple times on the same part of skin. You should flash less than two times in succession only at one location. The operation frequency times should be reduced when using high energy intensity level. 

● Using for 6-10 times as a hair removal cycle. 
● Use one time every two weeks for up to six times 
● Use one time every four weeks when using 6-10 times 
● If you find new thin hair grow after use it, operate one time every 2-3 months at this place, and continue gaining satisfying results. 
● To gain the best results it is suggested that on areas of thick hair you use many times over a period of time. 
● Use will vary from person to person, use less frequently when hair area grows by a small amount, about 30%.


Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60HZ

Power: 80W

LED Display: Hair removal times: 999999 times

Button: Hair removal times: 600000 times

Wave Length: 510um

Product Size: 15 x 14.5 x 9cm

Package includes:Adapter + IPL Device + manual + Free gift (Glasses and razor)

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