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Instant Ice Cooling Dog Bandana

$ 9.95 USD $ 12.95 USD
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1.High tech fabric:polyester fabric is the cold feeling technology fabric which can resist heat.At the aspect of cooling, this fabric can have the best effect.Through the experiment, it can be proved it can cool the temperature in a short time.

2. Fabric principle: cool feeling fabric adjusts the temperature by absorbing heat, and cool factor brings a cool comfort to pets.So it can reduce the dangerous level that dog will have heatstroke in summer.

3. Safe material: the fabric does not contain chemicals, polymer materials, adhesives, crystals or phase change materials. All fibers of the bibs are safe and non irritating fibers. So you do not need worry it will be bad for your pet.At the same time, this kind of fabric is lighter, breathable and comfortable than ordinary damp proof fabric.

4. Obvious effect: if you put it in the water, twist it dry, then put it in the fridge for 10 minutes, then take it out, the cooling effect is more obvious.

5. Necessities: when you take dogs out for walks, sports, mountain climbing and other occasion in summer, it is essential product.

Size Chart:

Size      Neck        Width
S    13.78"/35CM    4.33"/11CM
M   17.72"/45CM    5.12"/13CM
L    21.65"/55CM    6.30"/16CM

Package includes: 1 pcs

RT570 (25)

RT570 (7)RT570 (13)RT570 (20)RT570 (17)RT570 (1)RT570 (23)RT570 (22)



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