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Facial Steamer Nano Ionic Deep Cleaning

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Effectively turn water into fine nano water molecules which can deeply go into the skin base to replenish water instantly.

Help open the pores with soothing steam, which can soften the cuticle and remove the dirt with deep cleansing effect.

Simple button control, one key to power on and off for user friendly operation, labour saving and convenient.

Plug-in design with flexible power cord, suitable for carefree home skin care, comes with a large measuring cup, only one cup of water can be steamed for 8 to 10 minutes, practical and easy to add water.

How to use:

Pour a measuring cup (matching) of purified water or distilled water into the water tank of the instrument-align the bottom of the nozzle with the origin of the fuselage and tighten from left to right-the face needs to be kept at a distance of about 25 cm from the mist outlet, the closer to the nozzle The higher the temperature-after use, the machine is inverted for 3 minutes, empty-there is residual water in it, which is convenient for the next use.



  • Make sure that your face is about 25cm away from the steam outlet when steaming your face.
  • The new machine may have a slight peculiar smell; it is recommended to steam it several times.
  • Only distilled water or purified water can be added to the water tank of the machine. Do not add other liquids such as essential oils or milk.
  • Please use high-temperature steam products carefully to avoid scalding.
  • When using thermal spray, high-temperature steam will be sprayed out, and the steamed part should be kept at a certain distance.



  1. It only takes three steps to restore the skin as before: A) Deep hydration: To relieve the dry and dehydrated skin, ordinary steam only stays on the surface of the skin, water cannot enter the pores and can only stay on the surface, not deep into the skin, and cannot be hydrated in time, Nano Water vapor penetrates deep into the keratin, and nano micro-water particles penetrate every layer of the skin, so that the cells are full of water; B) Deep cleansing: Ordinary water droplets, repeated rubbing but cannot clean the pores, dirt and oil clogging the pores, causing acne blackheads, nano spray, gentle warm water particles to soften the keratin, deep into the pores, take away excess oil, and maintain the balance of cleansing water and oil; C) Open up the pores, open the door for skin absorption in 8 minutes, quickly absorb skin nutrition, long-term moisturizing and moisturizing.
  2. The hot mist opens the pores, discharges skin toxins and cosmetic residues, and easily cleans and removes makeup.
  3. Deep penetration, full of water molecules reach the depths of the skin, nourishing the skin from the inside out.
  4. Promote the absorption of skin care products, refine the skin, double the effect of skin care products, remove the aging stratum corneum of the skin, and promote skin metabolism. Activate cell vitality, skin care is more nourishing.

Material: ABS
Colour: White
Voltage: 110V-220V
Power: 300W
Frequency: 50Hz
Steam Spray: 6.5g/min
Water Tank Capacity: 70g

Package Included:
1* Nano Ionic Facial Cleaner
1* Measuring Cup
1* User Manual


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Package Included:
1* Nano Ionic Facial Cleaner
1* Measuring Cup
1* User Manual

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