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Electric Three Head Neck Massager

$ 69.95 USD $ 89.95 USD
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Relieve strains on troublesome areas and promote circulation.

Will help relieve pressure on the lower back. 

Restore tired and sore neck muscles.


Feeling Pain and an urgent need of a massage?
Do you hate waking up with a stiff neck every morning?
Do you always have a bad mood in the morning and just consider yourself not to be a morning person?
Treat yourself with our unique Electric Three Head Neck Massager, the best gadget for neck and shoulder pain, and experience the effects of a real massage from a masseuse.
With its light weight, compact form factor, and stylish design, the Neck and Shoulder Massager is perfect for use during commutes. Just 15 minutes a day is all that's required to noticeable reduce in neck and shoulder discomfort. You're never far from relief, as it can be relied on to take the pressure off.



Will help relieve pressure on the lower back
It relieves neck and shoulder discomfort by soothing pain points.
Restore tired and sore neck muscles.
Reduce neck strain and restore damaged cervical balance.
Relieve aches, knots, tension and stress.
Ease discomfort and open pain points, and lighten discomfort associated with the cervical spine, noticeably reducing neck and shoulder pain with daily use.
Personal electrotherapy with different levels of force, and massage modes based on industry methods; 'Acupuncture and Moxibustion', 'Pressure Massage', and 'Pulsate'.
It helps to solve the problems of cervical soreness.
It has a Rechargeable battery so you can use it anywhere and anytime


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