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Bluetooth Earphone Sleep Mask

$ 29.95 USD $ 37.45 USD
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Bluetooth wireless stereo music eye mask - It can connect to the mobile phone which support Bluetooth or has Hands free Bluetooth protocol and other portable devices which support AVRCP. Before using stereo Bluetooth music eye mask to answer the calls, please first finish pairing of Bluetooth eye mask with Bluetooth mobile phone or other Bluetooth device.

Power supply: 200mA polymer battery inside the headband, PCB panel to provide battery with protection to keep working while charging. (Red light shows charging and turns off when fully charged.)

1. Music Player
2. Call volume adjustment
3. Make and answer calls
4. The use of mobile phone keypad dialling
5. Number redial to the last phone call
6. To answer incoming calls
7. Hanging up the phone
8. Reject the phone call

Package Included:
1 x Bluetooth eye mask, 
1 x Charging Cable

 E1875-Bluetooth Music Eye Mask-17DC65687D95CB82B7F0D3E792BE206EB.jpgE1875-Bluetooth Music Eye Mask-3E1875-Bluetooth Music Eye Mask-5E1875-Bluetooth Music Eye Mask-4E1875-Bluetooth Music Eye Mask-6E1875-Bluetooth Music Eye Mask-7

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